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Bridging Loans are short term loans, secured against residential or commercial property. Used to to bridge the gap until longer term finance can be obtained, or the underlying security is sold. Our fixed-rate bridge loans can be used for a wide range of purposes, including the purchase or refinance of an investment property, raising capital, securing a time-sensitive opportunity or solving short-term cashflow issues.

Developer exit loans are not solely limited to projects that are near to, or have reached practical completion. The Finish & Sell loan is for properties which have reached the wind and watertight stage. Refinancing onto a Finish & Sell facility can give developers access to a cheaper rate and the extra time needed to complete and sell their development. It can also avoid the cost of extension fees or default rates from their existing lender.

A development exit that gives developers control, financial agility and the ability to move onto their next project quickly after practical completion. Our Market & Sell product enables developers to obtain a more competitive rate and avoid costly extension fees, whilst giving them the time needed to market and sell completed units at maximum value. They can also release cash to inject what is often scarce capital into their next project.

Our ground-up loans provide funding for up to 100% of build costs and up to 70% of day one land/site purchase costs. We offer development finance across a diverse range of assets including new build houses, flats, apartments, HMOs and mixed-used units. We will provide up to 100% funding on projects where sufficient additional security is offered.

Our refurbishment loans enable investors, developers, and landlords to improve a property before selling or renting it out. We understand that each project is unique and offer loans on light, medium and heavy refurbishment schemes. Refurbishments are a sustainable way of developing property quickly. Covering up to 70% of purchase and all build costs, our loans are tailored to each client’s individual needs.

Our conversion product provides flexible funding for developers seeking to convert commercial properties into units for residential or mixed use, provided that at least 50% of end units are residential. Conversions are a sustainable way to provide new homes. Our facilities can help to convert a wide range of buildings, including redundant offices, closed pubs and surplus farm buildings, such as barns.


Joint Venture Finance

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Typically involving 100% funding with an agreed profit share, joint ventures will only be considered for experienced developers with a proven track record. Given their unique nature, these deals are agreed on a case-by-case basis and are only available on schemes with significant potential. With development experience of our own, we are able to work alongside developers on joint venture deals to ensure a successful outcome, combining capital and experience to achieve the best possible outcome.

Flexible Funding. Fixed Rates.

Flexible Funding. Fixed Rates.

With a small but highly experienced team of property professionals, we are able to provide every borrower and broker with access to key decision-makers, building close and long-lasting working relationships. To get in touch:

Phone: +44 (0)203 368 6340


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