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Our Values and Story

The Saxon Story

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Our History

Founded in 2006 under the name 'Calmez', Saxon Trust was originally a successful, mezzanine-focussed, second-charge lender. However, as the business grew we began to recognise a demand for a broader suite of lending products among our clients. 

With the expertise, experience and knowledge of our team, taking the step to become a fully-fledged, first-charge property finance provider was a no-brainer, with the company being rebranded and reinvented under the banner of Saxon Trust in 2020.

Since then, we have further expanded our range of products and taken steps to improve the breadth and depth of our expertise, by hiring several new team members and department heads. 


Our Values

With a team of experienced property professionals, many of whom have development experience of their own, we understand the property development process and the unique challenges developers face.

We also understand the value and importance of forging long-term working relationships with our borrowers and introducers, often becoming their go-to lender throughout the remainder of their careers.

To achieve this we place a strong emphasis on transparency and consistent decision-making in all of our business dealings, with no hidden fees or charges. All of our borrowers have direct access to our key decision-makers and underwriters.

Our Mission

The value we place on building relationships with our clients is at the heart of our success. It is the core of our business, differentiating us from other lenders.

We therefore place the experience of our clients at the top of our list of priorities and will use our experience and knowledge to support our borrowers whenever possible. From your first enquiry, all the way through to completion, we strive to provide a bespoke, transparent and professional service to every client.

Flexible Funding. Fixed Rates.

Flexible Funding. Fixed Rates.

With a small but highly experienced team of property professionals, we are able to provide every borrower and broker with access to key decision-makers, building close and long-lasting working relationships. To get in touch:

Phone: +44 (0)203 368 6340


Let's speak

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the next steps, please get in touch. We are here Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. 

+44 (0) 203 368 6340 

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